Midlife crisis? Naw! ’Cause we’re talking about motorcycles! At least they’re not as expensive as a Ferrari, nor as big as a boat. And pound for pound, you won’t find any other machine that is more fun and brings more joy than a bike (it’s a power-to-weight ratio thing). This blog is about a journey that is starting all over again. A journey to get back into motorcycling—what it takes to get there, and what it’s like to lust after, find, and eventually purchase the bike you want to have. In my case, a gorgeous blue Kawasaki Concours. Known by those who ride her as a “Connie.” Known by me as “MyConnie.– Peter Radsliff

Note: I suggest you start with the “In Order” section to follow this entire story. Or, you may want to skip to the “Maps” section to follow some of my favorite rides. If more convenient, you can get my enhanced eBook that contains a chronological story, more photography, plus two videos!

MyConnie on it

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Man, what a great idea for a Web site. I arrived here via C10 tire research on the COG Forum.

    Thanks for helping me make up my mind about new skins for my 2003, and for sharing your love of motorcycles, fresh air, and creative photography.


    Simon Haworth (musician, photographer, writer)
    COG #9469
    Cobourg, Ontario

  2. I was looking for a Connie motorcycle club nearby when I stumbled on your blog. I enjoyed reading a number of your posts. I bought a 2008 Connie and started riding again after a twenty year lapse. I am looking for some friends to ride with. Any advice?
    Ross in Concord,CA

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