Here are the motorcycle-related films, books, TV shows and websites that I have found enjoyed, and compiled into this list for your non-riding pleasure. If you are just getting started in motorcycling, consider items with a check box “[  ]” as your homework. Just print out this page and check off the items as you watch or read them.

Motorcycle Films and TV Series Not to Miss
I have only listed the films and TV series that I greatly enjoyed: ( *on Netflix streaming )
[  ]  On Any Sunday*
[  ]  The World’s Fastest Indian*
[  ]  Long Way Round*
[  ]  Long Way Down*
[  ]  Faster*
[  ]  Fastest*
[  ]  Charge*
[  ]  One Week*
[  ]  The Highest Pass*
[  ]  Cycles South*
[  ]  Go Grandriders feature film ( the original viral ad based on their story is here )
[  ]  Why We Ride ( in limited U.S. theaters now )
[  ]  Café Racers TV Series
[  ]  Old Delhi Motorcycles – The Film

Motorcycle Books Not to Miss
These are books I enjoyed where bikes were a central theme: ( *available on Amazon )
[  ]  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance* by R.M. Pirsig
[  ]  Proficient Motorcycling* by David L. Hough
[  ]  Twist of the Wrist II* book and DVD by Keith Code

Motorcycle Magazines
So many articles, so little time. Here are a few good moto-magazines:
Cycle World

Motorcycle Associations
There are so many motorcycle groups, here are just a few:
American Motorcycle Association (AMA)
Riders of Kawasaki (ROK)

Check back as more will be added to this page all the time.

What do YOU think?

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