In an effort to make my ride schedule better planned than in the past, 

2018 MOTORCYCLE EVENTS ( attended by Me and MyConnie )





• The Quail Motorcycle Gathering: Saturday, May 5
• Wild Frogs Moto-camping trip to Arnold & Yosemite (invitation only)





• High Sierra Mountain Pass ride: Ebbets, Monitor, & Sonora Passes: Sat/Sun, October 20 & 21 (invitation only)



4 thoughts on “Schedule

    • Thanks for this, Robert. I will look into it. I used to go on the Sunday Morning Ride in Marin years ago, but this looks like another great group. Now that the weather (and my new tires) are here, I’ll be out there much more often on weekends and not only on my daily commute!

  1. I’ll be out this Sunday with my Connie this Sunday, would be great if you could make it! I have been reading your blog for sometime now and would love to meet you! Like the blog about your last Sunday ride, but you did not put it on your calendar here. Hope to do some rides with you in the future!

  2. Sorry, Robert, I mean to put all my rides on my blog calendar, but this was was a last minute decision. I’ve been super busy with kids and end-of-school activities and am looking forward to doing some more riding once that quiets down.

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