International Motorcycle Show: Oppa San Matean Style

International Motorcycle Show sponsored by Progressive Insurance

Not many motorcycle enthusiasts are as lucky as I am in that I live five blocks away from the San Mateo Expo Center, home each November to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. So each year, my riding buddies and I, pay homage to our favorite pastime by getting together to visit the show and see what’s new in the moto world. This year I make a point of taking a lot of photos of the show so that the readers of Me and MyConnie who weren’t able to make it to one of the shows. Hope you enjoy the photos…

9 thoughts on “International Motorcycle Show: Oppa San Matean Style

  1. Your photography and your writing are fantastic! I also bought a 2001 blue Connie after about a 5 year hiatus from riding. My previous several bikes were Beemers. The ZG has its own unique character and charm. I’m looking forward to tearing it apart and adjusting the valves and cleaning/synching the carbs over the winter (I’m in Michigan). My bike has about 25K. The prior (and original) owner was in his 70’s. All he ever did was put gas in it and ride. He might have changed the oil once or twice, but I wouldn’t bet on it. No matter, it’s still quite solid as far as I can tell, and will probably appreciate some proper lovin’. Keep up the great writing and shutter bugging.

    • Thanks, Nick! Glad to hear that you also have the “fast” Connie (i.e. the Blue one). ; ) Are you a member of the Concours Owners Group? They are absolutely fantastic!!

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